Student Comments

Student Comments


“Stephen ~ What you offered us was life-changing. You brought out the best & the deepest in us all. You should add another word to the title = Intensely Empowered Actor Workshop. As good a word as Empowered is alone, it just doesn’t say it all… You’re The Best!! You inspired me to be a better ME! It’s obvious that you truly have a soft spot for actors. Thank you for loving us so much.”
Gail Harvey

“If you haven’t taken Stephen’s class, you HAVE TO! Taking his class was everything I was missing in my life as an actor & person. I evolved so much from working with him & it was an honor to be in his class where he is so welcoming, kind, and caring! Take his class & watch how much you grow! He is Tony Robbins for actors!
Idris Valenzuela

“What an incredible two days! When I walked through my door on Sunday night, I was exhausted yet wide awake. I felt amazing! I can’t and don’t want to stop thinking about our weekend. I will say I truly feel empowered the name of the workshop says it all! Thank you for giving people permission to be themselves by being you.”
Hilary Anderson

“I can’t even beginning to tell you how much this class has impacted my life for the better. I believe that there are moments in our lives that have such a great impact that it effects us going forward and your class was one of them. Thank you for the love & understanding you have towards us actors/actresses. And I look forward to the chance to be able to audition & take another workshop from you soon.”
Melinda Ausserer

“My deepest thank you for these two days working with you. I had an amazing and special experience! This class is not just a workshop, it was more than that. It is an amazing combination of technique and psychology that moves me to a new level of my acting. You changed my thinking and perspective on life in general and you helped us to go deeper into ourselves and self-search. After working with you, I look at acting from a whole different direction. You are truly an amazing person and you set such a great example for all of us in this industry. It was the best class I ever took on acting!”
Yulia Hancheroff

“Steve’s Empowered Actor workshop was amazing! It might well be called “Empowering Yourself” as what you will learn goes well beyond the acting process. Intelligent, articulate, insightful and compassionate, Steve creates
an environment in which actor’s can allow themselves to be vulnerable and optimize growth. I will carry the tools I learned not just into auditions but into any situation where I want to be successful. Steve is a Seattle acting community treasure.”
Walayn Sharples

“AMAZING workshop this weekend!!! THANK YOU!!! I would do it again in a heart beat! Thank you so much for providing such a warm and nonthreatening environment! This was the perfect workshop for me to start with as a first timer, however, it will also be the perfect workshop for me to come back to again and again and again! You have given me some amazing tools that I never knew about prior to your class and I feel MUCH MORE prepared to face auditions and obstacles! You have my eternal gratitude!!!”
Fledra Newstrum

“Have you ever wondered how actors cry on cue? That’s one of the secrets I learned at Steve Salamunovich’s Empowered Actors Workshop. But it’s not some cheap trick, it’s about forgetting yourself in the audition and becoming the character. Let me try to explain.

A CSA certified casting director, who learned his chops from the best in Hollywood, Steve believes an actor’s focus must be a creative vision, not hair, wardrobe, or makeup. As much life coach as casting director, Steve gives you plenty of practical tools to inject your auditions with stream-of-consciousness believability. But more importantly, he demonstrates that love is more powerful than fear. And that actors must advocate for their characters out of love to make them believable to the audience.

Steve also covers kinesthetic testing, breathing techniques, game theory, asking for what you need, when to break the fourth wall, avoiding storytelling monlogues without transitions, picking a focal point, Spencer Tracy’s advice on acting (“don’t let them catch you at it”), Carl Jung, growing up in Hollywood, and a few stories about drumming. You had to be there.

For the ten of us that were there, it was amazing. We represented the entire gamut of age and experience, and everyone left buzzing about the class. We each walked away with over an hour of ourselves on video, so there’s plenty for future study. And the difference between the two days of before and after performances was unbelievable.

Does it work? Time will tell. But after over 40 years in the business, until this workshop anxiety had been the hallmark of my audition experiences.

And I can tell you this for certain–this old voice guy was able to cry on cue. And that was a breakthrough.
Thanks, Steve.”
Jim Cissell-Nationally known voice-over and on-camera


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