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Stephen Salamunovich CSA, brought a diverse background to his 31-year career as a casting director. He began his professional life in his native Los Angeles as a musician performing and recording as a vocal soloist with such groups as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the San Francisco Opera Company, the Los Angeles Master Chorale, the soundtrack of “The Godfather” and the Disney recording of “It’s a Small World.” As a studio drummer, keyboardist and vocalist he has worked and recorded with numerous artists including contemporary jazz artists Gerald Albright, David Benoit, Taylor Mesple’, Peter White, Doug Brons, NBC’s “The Voice” sensation, Mycle Wastman, bluesman Doug MacLeod and can be heard on the last four releases by Michael Tomlinson with whom he worked for some 20 years. In 1984, he was offered an opportunity to work for the seminal, Los Angeles casting firm, Anderson, McCook & White and what began as a part-time interest became a full-time passion. After a five-year apprenticeship under Nancy McCook and Catherine White, he moved to Seattle, Washington in an effort to embrace a better quality of life and founded Complete Casting By Stephen Salamunovich.

Stephen has worked with such Academy Award-winning directors as Milos Forman and Bernardo Bertolucci. His television credits number over three thousand projects including numerous features for television, the series Simon & Simon, Ferris Bueller and In Living Color, as well as literally thousands of commercials and industrials and feature films. He is the winner and a three-time nominee of casting’s highest honor, the Artios Award© given by his peers in the Casting Society of America©. He holds the distinction of being the first and one of only three Lead Casting Directors to win the award outside of New York or Los Angeles. He is a frequent guest speaker and facilitator to numerous professional groups and acting workshops and has made many appearances on television and radio as an industry expert. Salamunovich also served as the expert witness for the LA City Attorney’s office during their three-year, landmark prosecutions of the “pay-to-play” casting workshop scams and the 2019 Geoffrey Rush “Me Too” defamation case. He has served on the boards of the IFP and the Centerstage Council of the Seattle Theater Group and is a strong advocate for arts education and outreach programs that support the involvement of youth in the arts. He officially retired from casting on May 19th, 2016 after 31 years.

Salamunovich is also a leading acting teacher and executive, presentational media coach. He has prepared many public and private figures for appearances on such shows as Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, The Today Show and The Tonight Show. He has worked with such companies as The Westin Hotels, The American Cancer Society, Kaiser Permanente and Campfire USA. He has helped sports stars like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and bodybuilder Rachel McLish attain celebrity, endorsement deals and has assisted CEO’s, political figures, chefs, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and sales teams on communicating from the energetic place that is far more impactful than the mere words used. His work is based on authenticity and the harnessed energy of both speaker and audience, as fundamental cornerstones for personal expression and communication. He is at work on an upcoming book based upon the revolutionary techniques he’s successfully helped his clients to master. He lives in Seattle with his wife Sheila where he roots for the Seahawks and also the Mariners…. except when they occasionally play his hometown Dodgers.   Written By: Webmaster, Complete Casting, Inc

Trivia, ( Son of Grammy-nominated conductor, Paul Salamunovich  brother of noted chef and restauranteur Thomas Salamunovich, nephew of producer Michael Salamunovich, cousin of associate producer Teresa Salamunovich, lead person  Patrick Salamunovich,  assistant director  Christopher Salamunovich and Toto keyboardist, composer, producer David Paich and grandnephew of Hollywood restauranteur Nick Slavich, (Nickodell Restaurant & The Melrose Grotto.)

Was the photo model for the action figure Louis “Wild Card” Thibodeaux from the “Crimson Skies” online video game.

Is an accomplished professional musician as well and regularly performs and records with name artists.

Was the first and one of only three CSA, Artios© Award winners working as a solo/principal casting director to win the award working outside of Los Angeles or New York.

Retired from casting on May 19, 2016 after 31 years. Is completing his first book about public communication techniques honed from helping actors on hundreds of thousands of auditions.

Served as the expert witness in the Los Angeles Casting Workshop Scam prosecutions in 2018 and the Geoffrey Rush “Me Too” defamation case.


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