Stephen Salamunovich CSA is a 31-year veteran, award-winning casting director who cast somewhere around 4000 projects in Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest before leaving the profession in 2016. You can find his biography in the "Stephen's Bio" tab of the "About" button of this website.

Body Language Test

  One of the most often quoted body language platitudes states that having one’s arms crossed or folded over their chest designates the presence of a “closed” attitude going on for that person. Take a look at these photos and see if you agree that all these people are exhibiting…

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My View From the Inside As The Expert Witness During The “Pay-to-Play” Casting Workshop Scam Prosecutions. THIS WAS NO “WITCH HUNT!”

In late 2016, I was asked by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office to serve as their expert witness during their three year, landmark, “pay-to-play” casting workshop scam investigation and subsequent prosecutions. Their investigation had resulted in the compilation of copious amounts of printed evidence from emails and workshop websites…

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Pop and Robert De Niro….

Robert De Niro’s first film after the tremendous critical success of “Raging Bull” was “True Confessions” in which he played an Irish-born, American priest. My dad didn’t know who Robert De Niro was when he called and asked if Pop would help him with his research of the character by…

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