Acting Classes & Instructors

Acting Classes & Instructors

We add instructors to this list because we hear good things about them from actors we ask who have taken the class. And you should use the same method to find good teachers. When teachers have something of value to impart, the word of mouth about them is sure to follow. Be especially careful if you’re taking a class that is taught by a casting director and make sure you can meet them and have them assess your work WITHOUT having to be funneled into their class to do it! And no matter WHO your instructors may be, always put their feet to the fire and ask for explanations and logic to accompany their advice and guidance to make sure that it’s going to be valuable. Don’t just take someone’s word for it because they SEEM reputable. There are a lot of scams out there. So as in all things, “Caveat emptor!” Let the buyer beware.



Stephen’s Empowered Actor Workshop
Stephen offers his “Empowered Actor Weekend Workshop Intensive” about three times a year which is a weekend class that has gotten great reviews from actors which you can read about here.


Scott Burns, Voice-Over Coaching
(425) 501-0126  Email


Jim Cissell, Voice-Over Coaching
(206) 933-8642  Email


Tony Doupe’
(206) 619-6233  Email


Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio
(206) 323-7499


John Jacobsen
(206) 856-2861    Email


Matt Smith
(206) 551-4622    Email


Jodi Rothfield
(206) 448-0927   Email


Deryn Warren

(323) 936-0195    Email


Veronica Weikel & Steve Mitchell  Voice-Over coaching and Demo Production
(360) 863-6298  Email




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